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Bohemian Babe Travels to The Wilds
by Christina Grozik

There is something beautiful about waking up to the birds singing, seeing a deer in a field at sunset, hearing crickets chirping at night or watching dolphins dance in the ocean. Can you imagine a world where the only place we would be able to experience these things is from archived footage posted online or an audio recording of birds in song? Sounds grim, huh?

I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of this reality unless we do something to curb our current path as a modern day society. Every decision we make has a huge impact on the world around us. Convenience is the habit of the way we live today, but take note that it isn’t without drastic impacts. Using plastic bottles instead of refilling one, buying processed foods instead of organic ones and excess use of natural resources allow us to move quickly and with ease, but those choices are destroying everything around us.

I was recently talking to a friend, Andrea Amato, and she was telling me how she noticed this plastic bag in a tree. The bag has been there for months and draws her attention every time she walks out the door. It got her thinking in ways she hadn’t before. The bag never seemed to deteriorate and she began to realize that the plastics seeping into our soils and oceans don’t just disappear, but are sowing havoc on our natural landscape. What a great observation on Andrea’s part and a thoughtful insight that most would just regard as a bag in a tree.

I recently visited The Wilds in Cumberland, OH. It sits on approximately 10,000 acres of reclaimed coal mine land and is nothing less than extraordinary. The people working there are passionate about what they do and are making a difference in this place we call home.

Check out this amazing journey here:

During my visit I learned that zebras, giraffes, rhinos and others are in danger of becoming a thing of the past. I never thought I would see the day where these animals would be at risk. I always thought it was the more exotic animals with names you’ve never heard of being extinct or endangered, but this is not the case.

(Please note that the state-of-the-art rhino barn is part of the Winter at The Wilds tour and is not a stop on regular season tours.)

With habitats diminishing due to a society in need of more resources and human population exploding, these creatures that we share this planet with have nowhere to go. In addition, these creatures are being poached out of existence for their skins, horns and other parts.

So what can we do to help prevent these magnificent creatures that also call this planet home from becoming extinct? Here are 10 Things To Make A Difference:

  1. Buy a water bottle and refill it instead of using plastic disposable bottles.
  2. Conserve resources (water, electric, plastics, etc.)
  3. Buy organic food. Be aware of the food you eat and how it is produced.
  4. Raise awareness to others on the issues. If people don’t know, how can they help?
  5. Recycle, reuse & reduce waste.
  6. Do not buy products that come from protected species including ivory, turtle/tortoise shell, coral and exotic wood for example.
  7. Get involved. Join an organization that is working to save endangered creatures and working to keep others off the list.
  8. Support businesses that are good stewards to the Earth. Know who you are giving your hard earned dollars. Your dollars are what keeps them in business.
  9. Call and write your politicians to get stricter laws passed to conserve and protect our home and all those that share it.
  10. Visit reputable organizations like The Wilds and bring your friends.

We are all in this crazy world together. Once we lose these species they are gone forever. I don’t know about you, but I would rather see these incredible creatures in person than hear stories about how they once walked the Earth.

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