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Columbus, OH
United States

Bohemian Babe Travels Sees The Difference
by Christina Grozik

As I traveled through Ohio today, traffic came to a halt. There was a horrific accident that closed the southbound lane of the highway. A helicopter landed less than ten cars in front of me across the lanes. Although I was on a tight schedule to reach my destination, I knew that someone else was facing much larger issues than me being late for my event. After seeing the mangled vehicle, I could not help but think that things did not look promising for the person(s) involved. I understand that this incident interrupted traffic, but I am pretty sure that someone was most likely fighting for life a short distance in front of me. Curious drivers got out of their cars and walked on the highway to see why traffic was not moving. I was incredibly disappointed that the guy behind me was recording the unfortunate situation and the driver behind him was throwing a tantrum because he was delayed. Where was the compassion? Does everything need to be recorded these days? Is nothing sacred? Also, the guy that was upset by the disruption to his day did not seem to understand that someone was possibly holding on to dear life just feet in front of him. The injured most likely have loved ones that care about them and may be receiving a call that no one would ever want to answer.

After the scene cleared and traffic started moving again, I couldn’t help but to think about the guy who felt the need to record quite possibly the last moments of someone’s life and the businessman who was so self-centered that he had no concern for the subject(s) of this tragedy. Shortly, after I was able to resume my journey, I stopped to get coffee. In front of the cafe was a woman who appeared to be down on her luck with a handwritten sign that read, “help please.” While other people passed her by not even acknowledging her as they went into the shop for their high-end coffee, the gentleman in front of me stopped and started talking to the woman. He gave her money and showered her with well wishes. Did he see the same accident I had the misfortune of witnessing? Did it make him think of how perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to bring compassion back as the new sexy? I ordered my drink and pondered what motivated his act of kindness. I approached him and said, “I couldn’t help but to notice that you gave the woman outside money. Can I ask you why you did that?” He responded by saying, “Because it was the right thing to do. We are all in this world together and need to support one another.” I then asked if he had come off of the same highway that I did. He did not. He was a local that lived down the street from the café. I could tell by the way he spoke with the woman that he did not do it for the purpose of being recognized by others as a good samaritan or because it was uncomfortable for him to pass her without stopping. I believe he did because he truly wants to make the world a better place. We sat down and chatted over coffee. These are the moments that I cherish and inspire me. This is the power of love.

Thank you Samuel for shining your light and being the change in the world. I also want to say good luck to the lady that is just trying to get to the next city. I hope the snack bag of goodies and water will help you on your path. To those involved in the accident today and to their families, please know my thoughts are with you. To the guy recording the incident and the businessman perturb by it, I hope that you will someday realize that we are all in this together and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. While there are an array of amazing people in this world doing incredible things, we could always use more. Consider this your invite.

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