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Sedona, CA
United States

Bohemian Babe Presents The Magic Of The Pinecone
by Christina Grozik

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I have always had a curiosity about symbolism and the ways of the ancients. While visiting Sedona, I saw a mesmerizing pendant. I couldn’t stop looking at the swirl-like design with the brilliant blue center. I was surprised to learn that this pendant was actually a pinecone with crushed lapis inserted into it. I have worn it everyday since purchasing it and have received inquiries from a variety of folks from all over the world.

My new fun find and inquisitive nature compelled me to investigate the history of the pinecone. I knew that lapis was used by the ancient Egyptians and perhaps most recognized in the funerary mask of King Tutankhamun, but did the pinecone hold some significance throughout time?

King Tut

High Five Sacred Style

I discovered that the pinecone has been used decoratively by many different cultures through the ages. The staff of the Egyptian God, Osiris, contains two serpents rising to face a pinecone. Within Court of the Pinecones at The Vatican Courtyard stands the Roman Pigna. It is a giant pinecone sculpture adorned with a peacock on each side. As I kept digging, I found that the pinecone is seen in ruins of many ancient cultures including the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Christians.

Staff Of Osiris

Roman Pigna_Vatican Couryard

Roman Pigna_CUI also found it interesting that the pineal gland is supposedly named after the pinecone due to its strong resemblance. The pineal gland is affiliated with being a center of enlightenment. It is located in between the two hemispheres of your brain. The French philosopher, Descartes regarded the pineal gland as the “Seat of the Soul.” The pineal gland has also been suggested to be the “Third Eye.”

Model_Third EyeAs I continued my exploration into the pinecone-pineal gland connection and spoke with people much more versed in it than myself, it seems that the pinecone symbolizes the pineal gland. This relationship between the two may have been more prominent in earlier times. Both have been attributed to the representation of spiritual ascension.

The pinecone pendants that I’m absolutely stoked to offer you are crafted from the Knobcone Pine. It is said to be one of the densest pinecones on the planet. Pinecones are gathered in a sustainable manner, dried, aged and cured. These natural pieces of art are unique and eye-catching. Each polished piece is a stunning one-of-a-kind creation.

Sacred Geometry Pinecone Pendant, All Styles

Pinecone AltarGroup_Crushed StoneIf the “Third Eye” pendant is calling your name, you may choose one containing a center of crushed turquoise, lapis, malachite or sugilite. If the thread of connection is more your style, the sacred geometry piece may the one for you.

Pinecone Pendants, All Styles

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Here’s to an evolution of consciousness and oneness.

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