LoveAfter years of finding potential filming locations for Hollywood studios and coordinating logistics for marketing tours across the United States and Canada, I decided it was time to share the amazing journeys with which I have been blessed. I have relearned a lot of what I once knew, but had forgotten. Traveling has helped me to once again appreciate the simple things in life and to “lighten” up. It’s the small things that are so meaningful. Living out of a suitcase has taught me that experiences have more value than material goods. Once while I was working in a stressful job and thinking about how I needed to meet societal “norms,” a co-worker reminded me to keep it “light.” Little did he know how inspirational his words were or the impact that they would have on my life. While being focused on living by society’s markers, I’d forgotten the things that once kept me grounded. I was so caught up in what was suppose to happen that I couldn’t see all of the remarkable messages that were right in front of me, guiding me. Keep it light. Life is short. You will never have this day again.

I have met so many inspiring people on the road and they have taught me more than they will ever know. My stuff lives in a building, but my home is the world. Thank you to the many individuals that I have met along the way. I hope that you’ll have fun with their stories and learn about some extraordinary places to check out if you have the opportunity to do so. I have had the most amazing encounters and I feel incredibly grateful to bring them to you. I hope this will motivate you to be your best today and follow your path. This blog is a guide in helping you to learn from my travel tips and allowing yourself to follow your dreams.

This one is for you mom! You will forever be part of my journeys!